Who We Are

Edgility Consulting finds the leaders that education organizations need to make a difference. With years of experience in education recruiting and an extensive network of strong candidates, we connect schools and nonprofits with the right talent every time.

Founders Christina Greenberg and Allison Wyatt have decades of experience working to advance social change through education. Having worked on the recruitment and talent teams of large education nonprofits, both decided to become consultants to help clients solve the challenges they once faced as nonprofit leaders and people managers. They have collectively recruited and placed hundreds of candidates with education organizations over the past fifteen years. They came together to found Edgility in 2015 to ensure that the public education sector can attract, develop, and keep the extraordinary leaders our schools and students deserve.

Today, Edgility is a national organization that helps a wide range of schools and nonprofits across the country. While Christina or Allison lead every project, they have built out a national team of search consultants and specialists in operations, marketing, and data analysis. With a smart approach, solid team, and strong network of incredible candidates, Edgility is ready to connect your organization with the leaders you need.

What We Care About


At Edgility, we keep diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of our work. Our rich variety of networks, perspectives, and abilities lead us to do our best work, providing client leadership with deeper insights and opportunities.

We believe that to solve the challenges related to educational inequity, we need to bring a broad and diverse group of people together and ensure that those most impacted by structural racism and discrimination are represented at the highest levels of the organizations leading that work.

In a proactive and intentional way, we encourage clients to move their culture forward by emphasizing equity and inclusion at each stage of our engagements, from project scoping, needs assessment, outreach, selection strategy, compensation, developing career pathways, and board advisement. Join us, as we keep diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of all that we do.

Why the Owl

The owl is a symbol of wisdom, foresight and intelligence. It is known for its finely tuned visual abilities and rare ability to turn its head 270 degrees. This exceptional capacity for superior sight allows the owl to see that which may be hidden—or unapparent—to others. As a company founded and run by women, we also appreciate that the owl is the symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom.