How to Dress Like a Superhero for your Next Interview

When I think superhero, I think of supreme confidence.  Save the world.  Battle evil aliens.  That superhero goes into battle with everything s/he needs.   And I'm sure you noticed EVERY superhero is wearing their GO-TO uniform.  You never saw Superman or Wonder Woman wearing sweatpants to save the day, right?    

In the world of interviewing, a well-dressed interviewee is a more confident interviewee.  On the flip side, interviewers will judge you by what you wear.  Your appearance can indicate how seriously (or not) you will take your work and pay attention to detail.  Not sure how to go from Clark Kent to Superman?  Here are three things to think about to get that superhero look and feel for your interviews:  

Fit - This is by FAR the most important thing to think about.  Your clothes should fit your body.  Nothing too loose, too tight or too long.  Go to a good tailor if you buy your clothes off the rack.  For a better fit specific to your body, get a custom suit!   Think of good fit as an investment in you rather than as a purchase. 

Quality - what's one of the biggest differences between one ply and two ply tissue?  One ply tissue more easily breaks.   If you've ever ripped your $40 pair of pants, you know what I'm talking about.  Think of the quality of the fabric of your clothing in the same way.   I'd rather get 5 years of use on one good piece of clothing rather than buy 5 pieces of clothing that each last one year.  

Color - Do your research about what is appropriate for the dress code of a company.  Ask HR and dress one notch above that. But when in doubt go navy or grey.  Save any bright colors for summer happy hour.  

Need more advice?  Have questions?  I do free 15-minute men's personal styling consultations here.   I also love the menswear here (full transparency that I style for J.Hilburn!)   Ladies, my friend Brandi Johnson does women's styling here.