For Love or Money? Considering your Skills and the Market

What job and career are the optimal fit for you, the one you’ll leap out of bed for (most days, at least) and enjoy contributing to all week long? As a recruiter, I encourage job-seekers to start with what they most value and love (see previous post) because it’s such an important frame to put around our options. Too many of us stumble into our jobs and careers, following a throughline from what our parents encouraged to what we studied in college to the connections we have formed since.

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What is your Ikigai? Finding the Career that's Meant for You

"How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives." -- Annie Dillard

As a longtime recruiter, I have multiple conversations with individuals each week about their current and future career path. For many of these folks, their work and skills are clear but their future feels opaque and uncertain. Even the most seasoned executives get stuck in what is expected or typical, and lose sight of new and potentially more fulfilling ways to put their talents and personal “superpowers” to best use.

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Getting Back in the Working Groove

I always swore I would remain abreast of the current technology and not be caught in the past like my parents, but after taking a number of years off to raise my children, I have found myself dragging behind the times a bit. Now that I’ve returned to work, I can’t help but feel a bit out of sync and disconnected. There have been many new advances and changes in the workplace that have become apparent over these few short years. While the working world was learning how to take advantage of Google Apps and use social media for business, I was changing diapers, puréeing baby food (and then cleaning up the regurgitated messes), and spending agonizing sleepless nights waiting for one child or another to stop screaming. Re-entering the workforce feels a bit to me like how the advent of email must have felt to my parents back in the day; overwhelming and complex and confusing.  

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