Consulting Services

In addition to executive search and recruitment support, Edgility offers a full suite of services designed to help education organizations to find, grow, and keep the talent they need to transform learning for students. Without sustained attention to talent management, schools and other organizations face perpetual difficulty filling positions, constant staff turnover, low staff morale, and the departure of the top performers who might otherwise turn it all around.

Compensation Studies

Organizations are challenged to pinpoint the right salaries for their employees—salaries that are competitive, demonstrate employees’ value, but do not strain scarce resources by overpaying. We partner with your organization to identify the compensation structure that will best position you to capture the level of talent required to achieve your organization’s mission.

We then leverage robust data sources to determine market rates for specific positions. Using this market research, we create recommended salary grades and ranges for each job level in the organization to inform future compensation decisions and ensure that salaries remain aligned over time.

Working with Edgility on our compensation structure was invaluable. We now have a clear sense of where we stand in the market, and areas where we can grow and improve in. The data we received was detailed and easy to understand, and we were able to provide clarity to our employees as well. We would definitely use them again.
— Shawn Gerth, Managing Director of Academic Operations & Vision, ACE Charter Schools
Through conducting extensive research and having an in-depth expertise in nonprofit compensation, Edgility helped College Track understand how we compare in terms of compensation and benefits to similar organizations in our industry and markets. Through this partnership we were able to get clear on role descriptions and the markets in which they compete as well as assess our benefits package and determine highly beneficial changes that are attracting and retaining top talent.
— Margaret Winnen, Director of HR & Talent Development, College Track
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Case Study: Mastery Charter Schools

Case Study: Mastery Charter Schools

Mastery Charter Schools engaged Edgility Consulting to ensure greater transparency with staff in their compensation practices and consistency in the application of these practices in a manner that was competitive with the external marketplace for their central office positions.

At the onset of this project, Edgility convened a diverse cross section of the organization to serve on a compensation committee as key partners in this work. We began by conducting a training with the committee to educate them on best practices in compensation design, and discuss key decision points related to the overarching philosophy. We then conducted external market research to create market-based salary ranges for each level of the organization and mapped internal positions to this structure in a consistent and logical fashion. Throughout this process we worked closely with Human Resources staff at Mastery to validate this mapping process and ensure apples-to-apples comparisons. Once the structure was finalized, we identified current staff who fell outside of the structure and offered feasible scenarios to address these situations.

In addition, we developed customized tools to guide future decision making around salary levels for new hires, internal staff promotions, and annual salary increases. This was all completed in close partnership with the Compensation Committee and Human Resources Leadership to ensure that all tools were fully applicable to the unique context of Mastery, and to build internal capacity for rolling these tools out.

The Result

Mastery Charter Schools has fully implemented a full suite of market based compensation tools and frameworks to guie equitable, competitive, and objective compensation decisions. In addition, the new program has credibility in the eyes of staff, deepening trust and transparency throughout the organization.

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Strategy Design

Allison’s team developed recruiting capabilities that led to an increase in our candidate pool by over 500% in only one year. She adeptly pivoted from offering advice and guidance around design and strategy to translating these insights into tools and systems we can use for years to come.
— James Weinberg, Chief Executive Officer, FUSE Corps

Every nonprofit should strive to have the same level of rigor around their talent strategy as they do around marketing and fundraising strategies. This is especially true when the success of achieving a nonprofit organization’s mission is so obviously dependent on the people employed there.

Edgility Consulting works closely with organizations to craft impactful talent strategies that strengthen the ability to find, grow, and keep the right people. We begin by understanding an organization’s objectives and goals and then assess current talent practices and people against these objectives.

We then translate these findings into concrete goals, initiatives, and actions that the organization can take to advance talent practices throughout.

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Case Study: FUSE Corps

Case Study: FUSE Corp

FUSE Corps is an executive fellowship in civic innovation that places transformational leaders in local government. In 2015, FUSE set a goal to nearly triple the size of its cohort and expand to two new cities in California. In order to scale the program, the leadership recognized the need to invest in building capacity, infrastructure and expertise to support Fellow recruitment efforts.

Allison Wyatt played a lead role in building the recruitment strategy, process and tools, and then helped oversee the recruitment of the 2015 cohort. She began by researching best practices at management consulting firms, other social sector Fellowship programs, and executive search firms and then applied these insights to build a comprehensive recruitment strategy. In addition, she developed accompanying messaging and outreach materials, candidate profiles, and led recruitment campaigns for each fellowship position.

In order to support recruitment efforts at scale, her team played a key role in selecting and customizing an applicant tracking system to create process efficiencies, real-time performance management data, and team collaboration capabilities.

Finally, she custom designed a robust selection process with accompanying tools that led to the successful placement of the final cohort of Fellows.

The Result

Our recruiting efforts generated a 500% increase in applications compared to the prior year. As a result, 16 Fellows were placed on an accelerated timeline of only three months, including two placements in Fellowships that became available in the final month of recruiting. In addition, Edgility successfully recruited a highly diverse cohort of Fellows with 62% of Fellows self-identifying as non-white. All 16 of these Fellows succesfully completed their year as FUSE Fellows, and Edgility has been retained to recruit the cohort for the upcoming year.

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Pipeline & Succession Planning

Edgility works closely with organizations to craft pipeline building and succession planning strategies. In helping to build an organization’s pipeline of future leaders or plan for the succession of a specific leader, we have experience with mapping the competencies and management skills necessary for leadership positions, as well as with programming designed to prepare more junior team members to grow into future leaders of the organization.

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Case Study: Ceiba Public Schools

Case Study: Ceiba Public Schools

Ceiba Public Schools, a secondary charter school located in California’s Central Coast, was looking for support in developing a robust organizational structure and building a bench of teacher leaders and aspiring administrators who could take on more responsibility within the school over the long term. They had struggled to recruit enough high quality teacher leaders and site-based administrators in recent years, due to some staff turnover and a location that featured fewer teacher and administrator preparation programs than larger, urban communities. Ceiba knew they needed a partner who understood leadership development within an instructional context and could help them develop a strategy to “grow their own” leaders by developing talent from within.

Ceiba hired Edgility co-founder Christina Greenberg and her team to conduct an organizational needs assessment, redesign the leadership structure and individuals’ functional responsibilities, and then support the creation of a roadmap for assessing, selecting, and preparing current staff for future leadership roles. They also reviewed and made suggestions to the current organizational structure, wrote-up detailed job descriptions and competencies for all instructional management roles, and advised the CEO, Director of Talent, and Board of Directors on short- and long-term strategic moves they could make to strengthen their current and future leadership pipeline.

The team began by leading a series of working sessions with key teacher leaders, administrators and other key staff to think through the organization’s current strengths and growth opportunities as well as define the personal qualities, characteristics and skills that enabled successful leaders to thrive in Ceiba’s schools. Then we supported the development of a leadership competency structure for each level of instructional leadership and designed an accompanying selection process to identify where potential leaders fit these competencies - and where they might be missing the mark. Finally, we outlined professional development sessions and activities to prepare aspiring leaders for further management responsibilities.

The Result

As a result of Edgility’s support, Ceiba was able to redesign their organizational structure to better support teachers and instructional leaders. They scoped a role for and hired their first Chief Academic Officer to lead all academic operations for their 6-12 school and drafted a pipeline program plan. Ceiba’s Director of Talent also took advantage of Edgility’s recruitment planning and sourcing support to improve the pool of instructional leader candidates for the ‘15-’16 school year.

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