Our Services

With a growing number of charter schools, nonprofits, and mission-driven for-profit companies serving public education, it is harder than ever before to find the right leaders for these organizations.

Enter Edgility. Our founders have decades of experience in public education, first inside growing education nonprofits and since then as executive search recruiters and consultants. We tap that experience – and an extensive network of strong candidates and nominators – for every search. We also offer strategic consulting services such as compensation studies, pipeline and succession planning, and leadership strategy design which complement your more immediate talent identification needs. 

Each consulting engagement is led by one of our experienced founders who bring in other targeted team members based on the nature of the project and the organization. With hundreds of recruiting projects under our belts, Edgility has the deep expertise to thoughtfully analyze your data and past results and come up with a strategy that meets your organizational goals while taking account of the cultural and interpersonal dynamics that will make future leaders most successful in their roles.

The result? Edgility’s clients find – and keep -- the right leaders, who in turn help them make a difference for our children and our communities.