Chief Academic Officer at Ingenuity Prep, Rashidah Lawson

Edgility Consulting is excited to announce the placement of Rashidah Lawson as Chief Academics Officer at Ingenuity Prep.

Rashidah is eager to begin work coaching and supporting Principals at Ingenuity Prep. As a critical note, she is, “eternally grateful to the folks at Edgility Consulting who were incredibly supportive, responsive, and candid from the onset.”

For more than a decade, Rashidah has taught and led in secondary, public schools in Washington, DC and Boston, MA. In her work, she coaches and develops teachers and school leaders to support all students through rigor and relationships. All schools should be places where even the most vulnerable students can excel. A Posse Foundation Alumna and graduate of Lafayette College, she  is a mother to three beautiful (and very active) little girls. Rashidah enjoys international travel with her husband, Adrian, trying new and delicious food and wine, and checking out live concerts.