Compensation Design


Edgility offers a comprehensive compensation service that helps organizations pinpoint the right salaries for their employees—salaries that are competitive and demonstrate employees' value without straining scarce resources.

Edgility Compensation Design Process Chart

NEEDS ASSESSMENT: We help identify the compensation structure that will best position you to secure the talent you need to achieve your mission.


BENCHMARKING: We gather robust data to determine market rates for specific positions.


DESIGN: Using this research and our extensive experience in the field, we create recommended salary grades and ranges for each job level in the organization.


IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT: To support implementation of the new compensation structure, Edgility also creates training materials and toolkits for managers and employees.

This compensation design work can not only determine the right compensation levels for your employees today – it can also inform future compensation decisions and ensure that salaries remain competitive and fair over time.

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