Edgility Brand Announcement

This week, the Edgility team re-launched our website with an updated logo, new tagline and refreshed messaging elements. Autumn Colon, who leads our marketing efforts, deserves the lion’s share of praise for getting us through this change. Allison Wyatt (my co-founder) and I are thrilled with the result of several months of work with some other important people: Beaumark, our exceptional branding firm; Dewon Hall (That Creative Guy) who did all of the design and execution on our beautiful new website; and our dear friend and colleague Julie Petersen who as always made sure our language was crisp, clear and compelling. We also deeply appreciate our whole team for their ongoing feedback and particularly thank them for coming together to create the tagline, which was first inspired by Ron Rapatalo and is the product of our collective creativity. 

The branding process we have undergone this year has made me nostalgic, leading me to look not just forward to where we are going but also back to our beginnings as a company. In the fall of 2015, Allison and I decided to combine our independent consulting practices and create a new venture. We hired Beaumark to help us develop a business name, logo and other branding elements. We held our first team “retreat” with our small team of four and tried to envision what this company was and what it could be. 

From the start, Allison and I had a few “non-negotiables” for us, our team and our brand. We wanted our work to have meaning in the world and social impact – given our personal and professional experiences, that meant focusing on organizations that were dramatically challenging social inequities by putting students and youth at the center of their efforts. We wanted to focus relentlessly on doing our best on every project, every day so we could provide clients, candidates and partners with an excellent experience. We were adamant about being nimble and lean so we could eliminate waste and unnecessary overhead expenses, with the goal of being able to devote more resources to compensating our people and underwriting internal innovations. 

Most of all, though, we wanted to provide a work environment where people were supported, heard and encouraged to excel while knowing we always had their back. We wanted a company with “no drama” where we were able to discuss the good and the bad openly without fear of reprisals or resentment. As moms of young children who valued community activism, we wanted people to feel they could bring their full selves to work – while leaving work behind after hours to care for their loved ones and pursue their personal interests. As two white women, we were aware of the privilege and blindsides we carried around in the world and wanted to ensure our team represented a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and lived experiences. We wanted to create a place where we would want to work every day and where others would feel the same. 

Of course we are still striving to live up to our aspirations but looking back on the past four years, I am incredibly proud of how far we have come. For all of our friends, partners and colleagues on this journey, we sincerely appreciate you for your contributions to our work so far and we look forward to the many years ahead.