Edgility COVID-19 Message

We, along with so many others, have been watching over the last couple of weeks as the initial concern over COVID-19 has intensified and is now a public health crisis putting our collective health, safety, emotional well-being and economic security at risk. Just a few months ago, it seemed unthinkable that our families and communities would be as severely impacted as they are today. 

The Edgility team is committed – as always – to do our best and most impactful work, ensuring our clients have access to the best candidates, data, tools and strategic guidance to make excellent talent decisions and disrupting structural racism and sexism in the process. This will never change. And yet, we also understand that all of us need space at this time to take care of ourselves, our families and our communities. We dedicate ourselves to navigating this new reality with all of you, learning together and supporting one another to figure it out as a collective. 

In challenging moments like these, our team responds by pitching in wherever we can and we would appreciate the opportunity to give back to others. As such, we would love to offer our team as a resource to our partners, friends and colleagues in the field. If you have questions about how to lead remote hiring engagements, how to support a team who are all working apart from one another, or even areas of talent strategy about which you are unsure how to proceed – please contact us! Our ears, inboxes and hearts are always open. 

At Edgility, we feel immensely fortunate that as a collective and as individuals we have safe homes to live in, jobs that are set up for us to work remotely (the advantage of always having been a virtual team!) and the resources to ensure we can support our families in weathering this unpredictable storm. More than anything, a crisis like this reminds us of what is most important in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Our hearts go out to those who may not be so fortunate and we are committed to do everything we can to support them. 

We wish all the best for you and yours. We move forward with humility about all that is unknown but also with faith that we will move through this moment of crisis today into an even brighter tomorrow. 

– Christina, Allison and the entire Edgility team