Founding Executive Director at Equity in Education, Anthony Wilson

Edgility Consulting is excited to announce the placement of Anthony Wilson as Founding Executive Director at Equity in Education. 

Anthony Wilson

“Edgility is an incredible resource for current and aspiring nonprofit executives to help find the perfect professional fit to make the deepest impact. Kevin and Ron were my advocates throughout the interview process and made sure I had a successful start after being hired”, said Anthony when asked about his experience with Edgility Consulting.

A native son of Compton, CA, Anthony first developed an awareness of the beauty and power of an organized community through his church, and by watching his elder neighbors lead and protect their hood. Upon graduating from Xavier University of Louisiana with a degree in Political Science, Anthony taught high school English in Houston, TX where his students closed their achievement gap by 105% in one year. 

Since then, whether he’s teaching in public schools, recruiting and training teachers, turning around struggling public schools, starting a nonprofit for boys of color, directing advocacy strategy for a high-quality school network, or winning local education measures and elections, Anthony has tried to pull as many levers as possible to exact justice for kids in America’s schools. 

Equity in Education is a nonprofit advocacy organization designed to help create the community and political conditions to ensure that every child across Atlanta Public Schools has everything they need to be who they are destined to become. It is Anthony’s guiding philosophy that we can end inequity within schools in our lifetime. Equity in Education represents an opportunity to organize communities, schools and politics towards sustainable progress in education that guarantees wins for the next ten generations of children. 

Outside of his professional mission, what brings Anthony the most joy is backpacking through faraway lands, learning new dance styles, writing prose and poetry, and annoying his ten nieces and nephews in their group text chat.