Going Viral: Hiring Virtually During COVID-19

Edgility Friends and Colleagues,

In response to the state of our nation, we recently presented a virtual webinar to more than 50 colleagues in the talent space. Click below to view that session with tips, tools and best practices for virtual hiring.

Remote Hiring Deck

In case you were unable to attend or would like to share the content with other colleagues, download our deck from the session below.

How Edgility Can Support Your Organization during COVID-19 

As we face an unprecedented health and economic crisis, having the right people leading your organization will be even more critical than ever. Leaders will be called upon to make strategic decisions that will impact the very sustainability of your organization’s future, retain your staff during periods of uncertainty, and reinvent your organization’s ability to work effectively and deliver services as a remote team.

Learn more about how we can support you through COVID-19.