High School Director at Common Ground, Cherry Pacquette-Emmanuel

Edgility Consulting is excited to announce the placement of Cherry Pacquette-Emmanuel as High School Director at Common Ground.

Before her career in education, Cherry earned her BA in Economics from the State University of New York at Albany and her MA in International Affairs from The New School.  She established a career leading the development initiatives of a variety of educational institutions such as the Director of Development Services at EARTH University Foundation.  Deciding to follow the footsteps of her mother, a school teacher, Cherry began teaching in Dominica, her country of birth.  The experience revealed the urgent need for teacher training to support struggling learners, which propelled her to return to New York and complete her MS.Ed in Adolescent Special Education from Hunter College of the City University of New York. Since then, Cherry has served as an educator and administrator with Uncommon Schools and Ascend Charter Schools.  Most recently, she served as the Associate Director of Special Education with New Visions for Public Schools.   

Cherry is deeply committed to ensuring that all students obtain a high-quality education that cultivates their propensity to be leaders and advocates of justice today and throughout their lives. She brings these values to her new role as the School Director of Common Ground High School. Thinking of the road that lies ahead, she says, “Common Ground intersects my personal passions and professional pursuits in ways that compel me to work harder than I ever have. I am elated to join an organization that will prepare many future leaders of environmental and social justice to stretch our vision of what our world could be.”