Meet the Team: Kevin Bryant


Title image: Meet Kevin.You’ll know within minutes of meeting him that Kevin is both an “ideas guy” and someone who gets the job done. Being on the Edgility team — a team built from the start with an intentional focus on equitable processes and outcomes — gives him the opportunity and space to explore innovative, results-oriented approaches to finding and recruiting highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive positions. He hasn’t just learned from existing playbooks – he creates new plays altogether.

After years of leading strategy and searches on the recruitment leadership team at Uncommon Schools — one of the nation’s highest-performing charter school management organizations with schools in Brooklyn, Rochester, and Troy NY; Boston, MA; and Newark and Camden, NJ — Kevin felt ready to recruit for a broader range of organizations (such as nonprofits working in advocacy and politics, youth sports, urban farming, social justice, racial justice, college access, foster care, EdTech, and early childhood education) that achieve strong results on behalf of Black and brown students across the country. Specifically, it became a core part of his professional mission to identify and place high-level leaders who represent the children that the organizations exist to serve. Rather than going it alone, Kevin sought out a team of top-talent executive search professionals in their own rights who led with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for their internal practices and client processes. Kevin found Edgility (or Edgility found him – there are two versions of the story, but they both end in a win!), and the match was clear. He has been with Edgility since 2018, has led or supported more than 25 searches and placements, and has achieved a placement rate of over 80% ‘leaders who represent the children their organization serves’ – which he tracks closely as a part of his annual professional goals.

“Our current infrastructure for educating Black and brown kids in America was built by affluent white people who were wholly disconnected from students in schools and the communities they exist in. For generations, our country as a whole has paid the price of that disconnect. And still today, the education sector and other youth-serving organizations are in large part run by people whose hearts may be in the right place, but they do not share lived experiences, perspective, or significant cultural alignment to the people sitting across the table from them. My work is all about increasing intentional diversity at the leadership level in the nonprofit and social justice sector.”


The Edgility Process:

We are intentional about selecting those we work with. Before we begin any partnership, the Edgility team carefully vets potential partners by examining the organization’s mission and vision to ensure our values align with each other.

Needs assessment
The first stage of our search process is to get better acquainted with the priorities and needs of key stakeholders including board members, senior leaders, staff, and community members. 

Proactive sourcing
Our team will design and execute against the detailed candidate recruitment plan we develop with your input.

Candidate screening
Once the recruitment campaign has introduced us to quality applicants, our team manages all of the candidate flow from our applicant tracking system

Placement support
As experts in the assessment of the capability of education leaders, our firm is also well-equipped to support your candidate diligence process by sharing best practice-based materials, project managing your onsite or virtual interview process, and facilitating hiring committee interviews and debrief conversations.

You hired us because finding high-quality candidates of diverse backgrounds to lead nonprofits, schools, districts, and social justice organizations is what we do! A full 77% of candidates placed in Edgility searches in the last year identify as people of color and 68% of candidates placed in Edgility searches in the last year identify as female. We’ve helped you narrow the list, and now you’re ready to make the right offer! 

Onboarding support
Our executive coaches provide targeted and ongoing coaching during your placed candidate’s first 90 days, ensuring an effective and impactful start to her/his/their tenure as she/he/they navigate the challenges associated with taking on a new leadership position.

Placement Results:

Illustrates Edgility Consulting placement results

77% of candidates placed in Edgility searches in the last year identify as people of color (and 61% of places executives overall) 68% of candidates places in Edgility searches in the last year identify as female (and 57% of placed executives overall)

Let’s Connect: