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With a growing number of nonprofits and schools dismantling opportunity gaps for our nation’s underserved children, it is more important than ever before to find strong leaders from diverse backgrounds — including women and people of color — for these organizations.

With nearly two decades of experience in education and youth-serving nonprofits, Edgility helps client organizations rise above the noise and find the right leaders to guide them forward. Every project is led by one of our senior leaders who bring in other targeted team members based on the nature of the project and the organization. With hundreds of projects under our belts, Edgility combines deep strategic analysis with specific information about what works for your organizations like yours, and connects you with diverse leaders who have the competencies you need to succeed.

Our strengths include:

  • Experienced: our team has significant experience in education leadership and recruiting for more than 100 organizations

  • Connected: we have an extensive network of more than 40,000 managers and leaders skilled in education

  • Proactive: we conduct research and outreach to tap into diverse candidate pools that extend well beyond the “usual suspects”

  • Strategic: we balance data and our knowledge about what works across different organizations with our understanding of your particular context

  • Relational: we develop authentic relationships with your board and leadership to understand your needs, while engaging with candidates personally to connect them with the right opportunities

  • Hands-On: we provide useful tools to use throughout the search process

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