Our Commitment

At Edgility, we keep diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of our work. We believe that a rich variety of networks, perspectives, and abilities help us all to do our best work.

We believe that the engagement of a broad and diverse group of people is required to solve the challenges related to educational inequity. Only in this way can we ensure that those most impacted by racism and discrimination are represented at the highest levels of the organizations leading that work. Therefore, we encourage clients to move their culture forward by proactively emphasizing equity and inclusion at each stage of our engagements, including project scoping, needs assessment, outreach, selection strategy, compensation, career pathways, and board advisement.

Taking stock of the client organization’s overall approach to DEI and speaking to a diverse range of staff members and other stakeholders during the initial needs assessment;

Prioritizing from among a range of potential competencies, skills, qualities, and experiences, based on the needs assessment;

Building a diverse pool of candidates — including the use of the organization’s DEI stance and/or materials in candidate outreach — and highlighting candidate diversity and outcomes during client check-ins;
Ensuring that there are questions related to DEI on the interview guide, and holding an anti-bias session with the search committee or board before candidate interviews; and

Calling out any potential concerns around equity or inclusion throughout the search process.

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