Kadeem L. Howard

Edgility Consulting is excited to announce the placement of Kadeem L. Howard as the Managing Director of Student Services at Breakthrough Public Schools.

Kadeem L. Howard
Managing Director of Student Services,  Breakthrough Public Schools
April 2020

Breakthrough Schools is a charter management organization with the mission to develop a growing network of distinctive school options that prepare Cleveland area students for success in life.

In this role, Kadeem will oversee a myriad of areas directly related to scholar success and achievement.

Kadeem began his teaching career as a Special Education Teacher with Teach for America, and served as the Director of Special Education at The Equity Project Charter School. Most recently, he is transitioning from his current role as Senior Director of Special Populations at Explore Schools in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in a low-income, urban community within Brooklyn, raised by a single-parent and supporting a little brother with emotional management differences, Kadeem is living proof of the impact of exemplary educational opportunities.

He’s seen directly the devastating consequences of inequitable educational experiences. So, for the past 10 years, he’s committed himself to design and facilitate excellent educational opportunities that empower all people to achieve fulfilling and self-determined lives. Whether as a Special Education teacher, instructional coach, school-based leader, or Special Populations network-based leader, Kadeem strongly believes in the critical role all school staff play in this important work.

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