Black Lives Matter Edgility Consulting

We Won’t be Silent or Complicit!

The events of the past couple of weeks have exposed the ugly truths of systemic racism, police brutality, and White America’s indifference to the blatant and persistent violence inflicted on Black Americans since the first enslaved Africans were brought to this country in 1619. Whether it’s the killing of George Floyd or the attempt to harm Christian Cooper, these incidents are a part of the daily experience for Black people in this country. What is different about these particular situations is that they have penetrated the moral consciousness of average Americans, who have finally decided to pay attention. 

As a firm committed to dismantling these systems of oppression, we at Edgility Consulting have taken time to reflect on what we can do to be even more active in this fight. This week, we opened up our weekly meeting time to give space for all staff to speak their truths and express their emotions while our non-Black team members discussed how we can better support Black Americans’ struggle for equity and justice. We are making donations to Campaign Zero and the Atlanta Solidarity Fund to support their important work. Most importantly, our team will continue finding and placing outstanding leaders of color and support them to ensure that all people have access to the education and life opportunities they deserve.

Although we do agree that the arc of the moral universe will ultimately bend towards justice, the end of that curve can feel impossibly far away at times. And yet we must persist in doing everything we can so that Black mothers and fathers do not have to fear for their children’s safety and know that their babies’ education and life opportunities will live up to the promise of their potential. That is the fight we are dedicated to taking on each and every day. 

#blacklivesmatter #ally

– Edgility Consulting